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tv   Night Grooves - With Anastacia and Conchita  Deutsche Welle  November 5, 2017 6:15am-7:01am CET

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gave you the strength to keep going because you know that's what i'm. well i want to live my life as i saw fit. and the time when i came across a situation that i thought was unfair or wrong i spoke out about it without. doll with. and that got me into trouble with the authorities. in. come on i. thought i wouldn't say that i did anything special i just did what i had to do. with anything i missed and i met one of your closest friends died in stasi custody but you continue to speak out and you must have realized that your life was in danger. after that happened i saw things much more clearly. i realized that this was
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a matter of life and death and not just being picked up by the police once in a while. and i also came to the conclusion that the east german system was not going to reform itself any time soon the system was flawed. that you had interrogated by the stasi what sort of people were they can manage. well they were average people they could have been guys from my local football team. but they ended up working for the state. they helped the communist party to stay in power and that's what made them different from the people like me. when. the police would not allow people to speak their minds. or to otherwise live the
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way they wanted to. and that really bothered me. but i was powerless to do anything about it once they got hold of you know they could do what they want to. have you ever met any of the officers who interrogated you. might have. and it was interesting to see their reactions. one stasi officer asked me do you want revenge i smiled slightly and said no i want justice life they found one that i think i. would when you took this job in twenty eleven there were forty seven film a stasi officers working at the archives and you decided to find them why would. that help with you. i wanted to do something on behalf of those who had suffered at the hands of the stasi. i tried to put myself in their place. this agency
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was created to help those people. and i thought it was absolutely unacceptable for them to have to show their id cards to a former stasi officer before they could access their files. from awkward if. people from other countries would probably agree with that but how did those fullness the offices end up working at the archives was it some sort of labor regulation or. no that's just the way it turned out and someone said well they can york as security guards and maybe deal with some of the files. and some people thought the former stasi officers would make themselves useful but it was a bad idea. it was important for me to take the victims seriously and to treat them with respect and. i simply could not accept the idea of former stasi
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people working for the agency. how can the files on help us to understand the scope of east german state how. you always have to keep in mind that these documents were compiled by the secret police as part of their bureaucratic system guide and so they are an extremely important source of information. but it's where. i think they are just one source so we have to evaluate them carefully. i think. we have to ask questions like who put this item into a file and why. we have to look at this data in a larger context which includes the testimony of witnesses and research studies
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well so these files can provide useful information but they do not represent the whole truth. these are. these files with a meticulous the composite and they're filled with detailed observations is there something uniquely german about this kind of surveillance i think. pretty well i would say that the files provide evidence of a massive security apparatus. but whether this sort of surveillance is uniquely german that's a good question i think that obsessed with detail. but if you would describe an obsession with detail as being uniquely german i would say that you can definitely see that in these files. even develop their own language condescending sort of bureaucratese i've never seen anything like it. and i thought
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. if you'll an agency also helps some foreign countries that are now trying to come to terms with a repressive governments. i think. if they ask us we try to help them we simply share our experience. over the past year representatives from more than forty countries visit our agency. they want to find out what the situation in germany was like at that time how did the government put a stop to the activities how did you manage to secure all those documents and how are you using those files to research the history of the east german regime. we have twenty five years experience in these matters i am we try to use that experience to help answer their questions. but horton thing is that we've managed to expose illegal state activity and those who were responsible for it.
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while at the same time protecting the identities of innocent people whose names end up in the finals because the secret police were spying on them. that. we would now like to ask you to complete three unfinished sentences first a full massage the prisoner is now the federal commission off of the stasi records i would describe that situation as. a good situation. there's a certain the symbolism in it someone who'd been in stasi jails someone whose life had been torn apart by the stasi is now representing many others who shared the same fate. it also shows that german society is dealing effectively with this particular chapter of its history as the silliest thing i found in my stasi files was. i'd have to give that some
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thought and the important thing is that i was able to look at my files at all. some say that it's now time to put an end to all this stasi research to them i would say it's good. you can't just ignore the past. history helps us to understand where we are now right and where we'll be in the future the more we study this dictatorship the better will be able to define our democratic values what i wrote on john thank you you thank. your children like chocolate.
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present needs to listen to crime fighter and share tell a friend tell a friend to a fake crime fighters don't miss it. freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and new. all over the world arch of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com part of freedom. believes cream of the crop faced off against one another on saturday a clash of the titans put to think of bosses by are full of swagger we're looking to build on their table lead over dortmund the black and yellow have hit a slump because their home crowd helped them out of it. dazed and confused
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dortmund look great a month ago they went from dominant to damage but happy is hosting prior a game changer and we'll head tell leipsic rb we're looking to recover from their byron bruising when they hosted hand over a promoted side playing with pride and challenging the top team. welcome to the bone as they go on d w i'm chris harrington we are starting with the league's two headed monster fire and endorsement by or have only last tasted victory since your high kids has been back maybe it's the memories of past success fueling the defending champs or maybe their latest opponents in the league haven't really tested them either way they're back in the driver's seat different story with dortmund they have no mojo at all at the moment and look to have problems digesting pizza bosches game plan but this match is different right it's more about
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passion than form it could be perfect timing for dortmund right or wrong. dortmund's goal machine emerick obama young hadn't scored in three hundred eighty six minutes and all of dortmund was hoping he would pounce but it was byron who got off to the better start in the seventeenth minute home as fed are you and robin open the scoring. men's defense to passive here and remember key powerless and goal still maintain their composure you know the inveigle won the ball and it was off to the races gonzalo castro found andreae malenko but the a grainy and couldn't beat spain over i. kept pressing for an equaliser but wasting chances has been their problem for weeks now unlike. yahshua came ace teed up robert leaven duff skee who made it to nil as eleventh goal of the campaign the back line allowing too much space and vagal with the unlucky deflection.
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in the second half more of the same dortmund's attack dangerous but the ball just wouldn't go in. yeah malenko coming up short again. in the sixty seventh minute by him but the final nail in the coffin david all about eleven dusky three nil. but the replay showed the ball never made contact instead it was all of us first of the season. marked by a triple of one back for dortmund in the waning minutes but it was too little too late three one the final score and by an extend their perfect record under your pint just before league games dortmund meanwhile haven't won in four outings. to the twitter verse we go let's see what tweets this match motivated the first one is from dortmund julien inveigle the midfielder acknowledging they were really never in this after their first half performance and byron's jerome boateng who
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didn't play chimed in as well going in to the international break with the win is always a good thing he said. up next rb leipzig welcome to hand over a two handed dortmund defeat last match day not too shabby for a promoted side under andre brighton right. they've risen to fourth place in the table thus far but heading to red bull arena to face this cup team over and company could be problematic the star striker has netted a goal if every home game this season except one and after missing a crucial penalty in the german cup and being benched in the champions league the twenty one year old was looking to give his side a boost. similar event i was back at all the lights and starting line up as last season surprise when i came up against this term surprise package is. kind of a fans of drinking to the promoted sides early success but it was the home sue had
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the better of the first half marcel subnets i kept his eye on the ball to shoot but then it was offside with the last touch. the replay shows he was clearly beyond the last defend and also how angry simon. and coach throughout hossam hotel were. then it was the fall guy again on half time when his effort was deflected on to the bar possibly with. it wasn't looking like like six day it got worse for lights and after the break as you put into a change of play from the visitors set to join a tough for the opener it was against the run of play but demonstrated how confident i am of all right now with a look at deflection also helping them out. but then eventually had a positive impact on the game with his cross setting up use of person for the equaliser on seventy minutes the day and the germany strike out the last laugh in the window five minutes from time like to get turned the game around and neil
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forsberg pullback was perfect for them no we haven't done that much wrong in the bundesliga apart from that one game against by and by but after three defeats in the cup champions league in the league it's good to get back on track. then it is back in the good books relief all round for like six. way to go team zero on to the rest of the games out at leverkusen fifteen points of peace they are neck and neck in the table but labor who is in wins that consistency contest as of late out haven't won their home in over a month the first freiburg in shock in a more lopsided match up shall go undefeated in their last four matches look to extend that streak in freiburg who have allowed ten goals in their last four years take a look. the gang started badly for freiburg and their coach christine strike and they didn't get much better than i am sighed. neil's pay to send could only hit the
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bar after half an hour. and minutes later that same eight bottles cup was also struck the woodwork. made them pay by netting up to sixty two minutes don't you caligiuri began his professional career at freiburg but showed no sentiment by handing south of the third away when the luck was all with the visit his as the ball to get a flexion on its way in. and it's a pity we need to squeeze one in like that too it's a real shame come on the shot is an interesting as i'm in games like this your mentality and performance are under scrutiny. and we gave it our all on the pitch freiburg of course had one or two chances but we stuck in there and got ourselves an ugly win which feels good to quit. the game between the coups and was peppered with tense moments and gnostic fells. the goals came at
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the start of the second half and we're just two minutes apart kevin fall and put leverkusen ahead with his six of the season taking advantage of this slip up from the hapless kevin dent so it was still look cool finish from the straka. but in the next attack denson made amends is out levelled the austrian scoring his first ever born as the goal to make it one one. out though have never beaten later couldn't and that's how it stayed a point takes that does little for the two tames. and the ball keeps on rolling is this the year hamburg will drop down to the second division they've been hovering above the danger zone but hosting stu guard should be a boost because they have yet to earn points all the road and we have my ball a battle between two of the league's elite defenses the hosts won't succumb to mind
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saying give them their first road when will they. started strongly inclined about how do you challenge heading home on ninety minutes. but the hosts came back again investigate rising high and to salvage a one all draw. the highlight came from monkeys keeper robinson bizarrely lost track of the bone luckily for minds sent and got away with his moment of madness. run rabbit cielo wasn't as lucky his blunder in not hamburg time and hunt to stall the neuron twenty minutes. see a one became to watch they straight plays any time soon. despite being a man down equalized done you can check cool and calm from the spot. make the extra man count philip caustics put them ahead and then seventeen year old young fates sealed a three one win with this beauty. humble
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claiming that victory in no one games with a helping hand from seal. about his son in a moment his office when we pulled him down says i thought it would but i still should have stopped it unfortunately looks like a bit of a muppet it was a slapstick moment. so gave him humbug now jump out of the relegation places. and here are the results for masti eleven byron as you witnessed smoke dortmund three one life sick over head over to one shock us appear year at friedberg house burge leverkusen draw my plot bhatia the spoils as well hamburg gives to garth the business three one friday nights frankfurt down braman and two results to be played out on sunday moving over to what those results mean for the table of
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course by air no doubt about it stay put at the top life six when. give him a slight boost. moves to fourth frankfurt's win on friday night put them in european contingent now let's take a look at the bottom have not much movement down here hoffenheim could get a boost if they win at cologne hamburg. freiburg swap spots but they are clearly still a danger zone now it's time for the play of the day which you out there i voted for on twitter and the winner is mine's keeper robinson the thanks to a brain fade i guess club check this out he tried to kick the ball but only hit the penalty spot right there but somehow got away with it the mind stopper will be keeping his eye on the ball. from now on no doubt about that it was a bad day for keepers all right more. great entertainment.
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that's all for us here at the bundesliga sit back and enjoy these scenes from saturday's main event dortmund in buyers at their classic up will be back on sunday to bring a powwow plus the romanian action for me and the rest of the team here berlin. is a. mistake i know that i know it and you will always remain my beloved parents. have long stand sons to i.x. . and he was a totally normal boy my german parents desperately searching for their children and
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want to be on forty's doing without them naive disappointed parents and now appealing to german lawmakers. next d.w. . hey i'm anastasia stars. i mean. that kim and god's house of. face time and this. the. two powerful singers showed what they can do. the sand. the five minutes. every journey begins with the first step and every language of the first word i looked in the. germany to learn german but. this is just why not
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with the numbers it's simple online on your own mile and free. stuff for d.w.b. learning course. german made easy. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. will tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. in our web special. dot com. football made in germany. hello and welcome to focus on europe thanks very much for joining us i'm damien mcguinness and this week all eyes are on spain where people divide it at the issue
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of independence for catalonia hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in barcelona calling for catalonia tremaine a part of spain they fit that breaking away to be catastrophic for the whole region . but many catalans want independence such as the village of sun to pau where almost all the residents including the marriage will set compounds once an independent catalan states but now the spanish authorities in madrid a calling for catalan independence leaders to be charged with rebellion if convicted they could face up to thirty years in jail so we'll just step back down. the. main edge of separate components is having a hard time these days is his village being forcibly ruled by the spanish government or is the community part of the free republic of catalonia. the residence of sunda pal
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a mountain village in rural catalonia want to know. almost everyone here voted in favor of independence in the controversial referendum and they haven't changed their position. i mean i would like for the new catalan republic to be socially and politically sound. the republican establishment by its citizens the regular people from the ground up. it's been a long time since the spanish flag has flown above the town hall and. the local council still considers ousted regional leader carlos put their head of government . it doesn't matter if he's abroad or appearing before a spanish court proponents of independence continue to adhere to different laws. in nine hundred towns in catalonia more than seven hundred mazz are refusing to comply with spanish government orders. we will face the consequences could be
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removed from office we've been fighting for independence for many years. so we're not suddenly going to stop following orders from madrid now. on october twenty seventh the catalan parliament declared independence in the thank you thank compound celebrated the historic decision with hundreds of other mayors in the parliament building in barcelona. of the but no country in the world recognizes the republic of catalonia. and the spanish government is imposing its authority on the region. it seems that since the order was given catalan separatists have been living in a parallel reality you know made the case that we've waited many many years for this moment one of the reasons i went into politics was to do something for my
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municipality but i also did it to establish a new republic and to achieve independence for catalonia. back in santa. there's agriculture and tourism. here but no large companies that could decide to relocate elsewhere. the local carpenter shop is seen better days but that doesn't mean salvador setter is ready and so be intimidated by threats or trade barriers he says pain is just a liability. first of all there's the corruption in spain and second people in the south and aloof and extremely doura living off tax payments. in the afternoon there is just one topic of conversation in the village pub locals are following the ousted president every move on television they say the struggle for power is only just beginning. where they can do whatever they want it might take some time but madrid will lose in the end you know what
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a bit of it. is taking on the world the going could get tough but as the villagers say if things get really bad they still have their fortress certainly an explosive situation and one of the rest of europe is watching closely and that's because other regions are also demanding in.


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